Supplier diversity programs generate profit and goodwill for corporations.



Increased ROI
Decreased operating costs
Decreased procurement costs


New ideas and products
More agile supply chain
New markets 


More connection to communities
Enhanced customer loyalty
Actions aligned with corporate mission



More government and private bids
Inroads to new customer bases
New sales channels


Increased market share
Partnerships with key stakeholders
First-mover benefits in emerging markets


Tier II Solutions

Increased competitive edge
Comply with growing customer demands
Deliver a positive program ROI

Learn about Supplier Diversity In A Box


Successful supplier diversity programs have far-reaching benefits. 



Sales generated from diverse businesses in corporate supply chains


Salaries and benefits paid to employees of diverse businesses


Local jobs created by hiring diverse businesses 


Local, state and federal taxes generated 

Community Benefits

Decreased crime, increased employment, increased opportunity


Certify My Company is the national leader in transforming Fortune 1000 supplier diversity programs into profit centers.

Here’s how:

education > program management >facilitation


Find out why your corporation needs a diverse supplier program NOW.

Learn why you should work with diverse suppliers certified by an independent third party.

Learn how to increase your certified spend without increasing your number of suppliers.

Find out how to become part of the Billion Dollar Roundtable.

Program Management

Strategically manage your existing supplier base and transition classified vendors into certified suppliers.

Create supplier diversity programs with your primes that capture your Tier II diversity spending.

Maintain your programs with expert analysis and advice.

Optimize your programs to reach your Billion Dollar Roundtable goal.


Expand your company’s access to qualified, certified diverse suppliers.

Get matched with new sourcing partners through networking opportunities arranged by CMC.

Let CMC connect your company to qualified certified diverse suppliers for specific sourcing needs.

Raise your company’s profile within the diverse supplier community.


Positive effects of successful supplier diversity initiatives multiply. 

multiplier effect diagram

Make supplier diversity work for your corporation.