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Heather Cox is a tireless advocate for diversity across all industries, for all types of businesses.

She is a business executive, seminar director, public speaker and subject matter expert whose business venture is helping to make the business world more closely resemble the real world.

Heather’s speeches entertain and enlighten audiences of corporate team members and entrepreneurs. She can give a broad overview or do a deep dive, and her facility with the subject of supplier diversity programs and the necessity of certification for diverse businesses will impress you even more than her unusual and not-so-secret skills.

Heather Cox shows companies, of all size, how to gain market share and increase business. Her passion makes her an energizing force on any stage. Her expertise makes her invaluable. Learn the simple tool to get Seen, Selected, and Selling!


Company Development Speaking Engagement Topics:


Diversifying Your Success: The Revenue Impact of Supplier Diversity 

Entrepreneurs and corporations that understand the expansive benefits of diversity are better positioned to impact the bottom line of their companies. 

Supplier Diversity makes the business world look more like the real world and has wide reaching benefits for businesses, the economy, and our communities. 

Supplier Diversity expert Heather Cox presents the compelling business case for Supplier Diversity and why certified suppliers are an indispensable part of any successful program. You will leave the session with actionable tools for managing every aspect of a Supplier Diversity program, and for achieving certified success as a diverse business. 

Git ‘Er Done: Certification Workshops for Diverse Business Owners

Heather will guide a group of entrepreneurs through the process of becoming diversity certified. 

Working with attendees to identify the right certification(s) for their business, Heather navigates business owners past common pitfalls, enabling them to complete most if not all of the process. 

Crucial documents are reviewed, questions are answered, and attendees leave with a completed, or almost completed, application and an action plan for how to maximize their certification once received.

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Business Development Speaking Engagement Topics:


How to get Seen, Selected, and Selling

There are two types of companies; those that are ready and those that are not.

The answer to more sales, to a stronger company, to a more profitable company is at our fingertips, yet most business owners overlook what is right in front of them.

Are you positioned to the right people? Do you have access to the right networks? And are you using the position and network to sell, sell sell?

Heather will energize your audience with tactical solutions on how to get Seen, Selected, and Selling!

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